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Save up to 60% on oil costs with our ventless fryer solutions. Automatically fry pre-packaged, par-cooked or fresh meals without the need for expensive ventilation infrastructure to remove odours.

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Fryer Tech - Anywhere Anytime Anyplace Anywhere

Kombo King Ventless Fryer Tech removes the need for plumes of steam and the constant eye of an inconsistent employee. Traditional Frying requires more employee time in a fast-paced environment of fast foods and doesn’t ensure consistent, quality food all the time. The Kombo King fryer is an automated solution to revolutionize and solve the frying industry!

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Kombo King’s automatic fryers can prepare freshly fried meals in 3 minutes, anywhere and with minimal human intervention. The advanced software in the fryer means that the supply chain of products to the fryer can be automated, reducing supplier errors or miscommunications


Our Story - Anywhere Anytime Anyplace Anywhere

Kombo King (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black-controlled company which focuses on designing and producing smart controlled
fast food frying equipment. Kombo King aims to become a force in manufacturing; this will provide our country with much-needed, skilled
and semi-skilled jobs through the manufacturing sector and retail industry.

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Kombo King can now boast customers such as PnP, Engen and King Pie whilst targeting further major retailers. While we have strong blue-chip clientele, there is still excitement for the informal sector – a business-in-a-box solution for a township trader.

The dream (and our innovation) continues…You are at the airport or train station. You see a fried chicken and chips vending machine. You put in your money and three-minutes later there is a piping hot fried meal – you don’t wake up, it’s real!

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