Our Value

Our end goal is to create world-leading technology that puts South Africa at the forefront of smart-controlled ventless fryer tech, through the implementation of our quality & consistency features, operational cost-reducing mechanisms and high standard health & safety protocols.


Quick, Consistent, Quality

The key value proposition is that our ventless fryer tech enables anyone, anywhere to fry or boil food consistently at the required quality in a small space with improved health and safety and reduced wastage and operating costs, particularly energy and oil. Our fryers therefore provide their users with safe, consistent and reliable cooking at a fraction of the operational cost of regular fryers

Programmable Recipes

Kombo King fryers guarantee excellent quality through automated recipes and frying cycles. 

Minimal Human Intervention

The high level of automation means that the vendor needs very little technical training or skill.

Fresh Meals in 3 Minutes

Kombo King’s automatic fryers can prepare freshly fried meals in 3 minutes, anywhere and with minimal human intervention.

Reduced Operational Costs

The Kombo King ventless fryer tech solution can automatically fry pre-packaged, par-cooked or fresh meals without needing expensive ventilation infrastructure to remove odours. This significantly reduces the investment needed and eliminates costly wastage arising from bulk-frying the food. The automatic frying process also reduces the training needed for operators who are cooking the food, ensuring that the cooking process is controlled by pre-set recipes.

Oil Savings vs conventional fryers
± 0 %

Our oil filtering systems ensure extended oil life & quality, meaning your oil lasts longer and you save vs conventional fryers.

Electricity Savings vs competition
0 %

Single-phase electricity is highly cost-effective and a larger frying capacity means you can fry more in one batch to reduce consumption.

Efficient, Safe & Environmentally Friendly

How we achieve efficiency

With the current trend in kitchen equipment, spurred on by the move towards better health and sanitization within the industrial cooking space due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kombo King products are well placed to benefit from this movement. Kombo King Fryers and associated products are driven by exponentially better health and safety measures when compared to industry competitors. 

Small Fryer Oil Filter Kombo King Ventless Fryer Tech
Small Fryer Filter Kombo King Ventless Fryer Tech
Small Fryer Ventilation Kombo King Ventless Fryer Tech
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